Der Wunschthriller des 21. Jahrhunderts

Frauke Meyer-Gosau in Literaturen (Heft Juli/August 2011)

William Gibson ist der gear-queerste aller zeitgenössischen Romanciers. (06.06.2011)

Language is Humanity’s oldest technology; it must be continually upgraded.  If our fiction doesn’t reflect and include that, then it’s useless.  And that’s why everyone is so excited about Zero History.  (27.10.2010)

Gibson has always been obsessed with technology and with luxury branding, but such moments of minute observation turn his writing into something more interesting than mere brand fetishism.

The Guardian (12.9.2010)

Many of your previous characters have returned in Zero History, but it seems like the ones that steal the show are named Twitter and iPhone. (7.9.2010)

Gibson has shifted our perception of the world in a different way, offering us strange version after strange version of how we live, as if our cultural and political life has no connection with Earth at all

Vernon Peterson (4.9.2010)

William Gibson’s wires are as hot as ever, but the signal is growing unclear.

The Telegraph (2.9.2010)

William Gibson can craft sentences of uncanny beauty, and is our great poet of crowds.

San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle

One of the most visionary, original, and quietly influential writers currently working.

The Boston Globe

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